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These General Conditions will expressly regulate the relationships arising between Forniture Proyectos S.L, Batalla del Salado, 9 14012 CÓRDOBA and CIF B-56133929 (hereinafter, OPORTUNISSIMO) and third parties (hereinafter, "Clients") who register as users and/or purchase products through the online store of the official website of Furniture Proyectos S.L. (", hereinafter the "Store").
The Client undertakes, in general, to use the Store, to acquire the Products and to use each of the Store's services diligently, in accordance with the law, morality, public order and the provisions of these Conditions. General, and you must also refrain from using them in any way that may prevent, damage or impair the normal operation and enjoyment of the Store by other Users or that could harm or cause damage to the property and rights of OPORTUNISIMO, its suppliers, Clients or in general of any third party.
OPORTUNISSIMO reserves the right to decide, at any time, the Products offered to Customers through the Store. In particular, OPORTUNISSIMO may at any time add new Products to those offered or included in the Store, it being understood that unless otherwise provided, such new Products will be governed by the provisions of these General Conditions. Likewise, OPORTUNISSIMO reserves the right to stop providing or facilitating access and use at any time and without prior notice of any of the different types of Products offered in the Store.

The Products included in the Store will correspond as faithfully as possible that web display technology allows to the Products actually offered. The characteristics of the Products and their prices are detailed in their product file posted in the Store.

Despite everything, the colors and shades presented may vary depending on the monitor on which they are viewed and do not represent a contract at the time of purchase. The photographs that appear in the store are merely indicative.

For certain products, such as sofas, due to the special characteristics of manual manufacturing and depending on the exact place of measurement of the items, the measurement may vary from +/- 1 to 5 centimeters per module. Furniture in general can vary its measurement by a few cm depending on the place of measurement or the assembly process. OPORTUNISSIMO is not responsible for the error made by the client when selecting a measure or combination of modules since all the information is offered in the Store.
The prices indicated in OPORTUNISSIMO are in Euros and include VAT, but do not include shipping costs. Delivery costs differ depending on the customer's delivery address and the weight and dimensions of the items ordered. The delivery costs are indicated in the basket and are confirmed when validating the order. Delivery costs are invoiced at the end of the order and are added to the price of the items ordered.

OPORTUNISSIMO reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, but the products will be invoiced based on the rates in force at the time the order is registered, subject to availability on that date. In the case of flash sales, the prices only apply during the indicated period of validity of the same or until the stocks of the offered product are exhausted.
OPORTUNISSIMO retains ownership of the goods sold until the actual payment of the principal amount and supplements is made. The non-payment of one of the parties may cause the claim of the goods.

These provisions do not constitute any obstacle for the transfer to the client, from the delivery, of the risks of loss and deterioration of the acquired goods, as well as the damages that these could cause.
The customer agrees and accepts at this time that OPORTUNISSIMO will accept its order based on its available stocks and the stocks of its manufacturers and suppliers and that it will do everything possible to respond to all orders.

As far as the flash sale is concerned, customers can only order the products offered for sale during the period of validity of the flash sale, which is indicated in real time in the store and within the limit of available stocks. Once the term of the flash sale of a product has ended and/or in the event that the product is not available, it will no longer be for sale.

In the event that a product is not available after confirming the order and after the closing of the corresponding sale, OPORTUNISSIMO will inform the customer by email or by telephone of the partial delivery of their order or its cancellation. In that case, OPORTUNISSIMO will propose to the customer the reimbursement of the amounts already paid in the form of a purchase voucher, or by bank transfer or check.
To make the total payment of the articles of this contract, the client may choose one of the following forms of payment:

Payment by card. The customer can choose to pay by credit card, performing the operation at the time of placing the order. Online payment by credit card is made through the security system (of the BSCH group's secure platform) that allows the encryption of the customer's bank details during their transmission over the network.

Payment through PayPal. The customer can choose to pay through PayPal, using their PayPal account or their debit or credit card, quickly and safely without sharing financial information with OPORTUNISIMO.

Financed payment, through SEQURA online financing, in this case, the provisions of the particular and general conditions contained in the contract formalized between the client and Sequra must be complied with.

Payment with Bizum, through the telephone number associated with the service, and for a minimum amount of €0.50.

Payment by bank transfer. The client must make a bank transfer or deposit in the OPORTUNISIMO account for the amount of the order. Said transfer must be made within a maximum period of seven working days from the date of placing the order. If within this period there is no proof of payment, the order will be canceled automatically.

Cash on delivery. Cash on delivery consists of paying 40% of the order by bank transfer, to the indicated OPORTUNISSIMO account, and 60% to the carrier at the time of delivery in cash. This form of payment is not accepted for deliveries made in the Balearic Islands.

The customer's order begins its course when the payment is confirmed in the OPORTUNISSIMO bank account (for the payment methods card, bank transfer, pay pal and cash on delivery). In the case of financed payment, the acceptance of the order will be subject to the final approval of the financing by the financial entity, the order being automatically canceled in the event that said approval does not occur.
Delivery times will vary depending on the product and the delivery area. To know them, you must enter the file of each article. Delivery times are calculated based on business days (Monday to Friday, except holidays) and will start counting from the confirmation of payment in OPORTUNISSIMO's bank account or, in the case of financed orders, the final acceptance by of the financial institution. Orders with a delivery or order formalization date during the month of August may experience delays due to the holiday period of most manufacturers.

Orders made up of several items with different delivery times, the delivery time of the order will be that of the product with the longest delivery time. A single shipment will be made with the entire purchase, although in some cases, for internal logistics reasons, there may be partial shipments with different delivery dates.

When the customer wants the merchandise to be delivered later than the scheduled date, he must indicate it at the time of placing the order. Merchandise may only be retained in warehouses for a maximum of 20 calendar days from the agreed delivery date. Once this period has elapsed, the storage of said merchandise will have an additional cost of 10% of the value of the order per month.

In case of non-compliance with the specified delivery date in more than 21 working days, the buyer may choose to cancel the order by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and receive the amount paid. Failure to deliver will not be considered such if it has been delayed of its own free will or if it has not been possible to locate the buyer using the data provided by the buyer.

Delivery scope. The products offered in OPORTUNISSIMO are served within the Spanish peninsular territory. At the moment OPORTUNISSIMO does not make any type of shipment to Ceuta, Melilla, the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands. For certain products, OPORTUNISSIMO has the collaboration of a transport agency that can make shipments to the Balearic Islands, but delivering the merchandise at street level.

Those customers who pick up the merchandise at the OPORTUNISIMO warehouses will not be charged shipping costs. It may happen that the stock of some items is not in the central warehouse in Fuenlabrada. In this case, the customer will be informed after placing the order.

To pick up the order, the customer must bring the email received along with their ID. In the event that another person picks it up, you must provide an authorization. The loading of the merchandise in the vehicle must be carried out by the client himself and is subject to his responsibility. You must also verify that the dimensions and weights of the packages are appropriate for the vehicle with which the transport will be carried out.

For products sent by courier, delivery is made without prior notice. If the customer is not found at the time of delivery, a notice will be left and the product will be held for 10 days. After this period, the customer will bear the return costs. The ascent to the home will be carried out as long as the accesses allow it: the building must have an elevator in which the package to be delivered enters.

Deliveries made with a specialized furniture agency will ship from Monday to Friday in the morning or afternoon; having previously agreed the appointment with the client. Shipping costs include home delivery and delivery to the chosen room, but not assembly, which will be borne by the customer (the cost of this service will appear in the shopping cart).

In the event that the schedule offered by the transport agency is not to the client's liking, they may modify or reject it, leaving it for another day. This could slightly delay the delivery of the merchandise. The customer agrees to be at the place of delivery on the day agreed for delivery with the carrier and to verify the conformity of the order and the perfect condition of the merchandise at the time of receipt.

It is the customer's responsibility to check that the dimensions of the article will not pose a problem of accessibility to his home, paying special attention to doors, corridors, elevators, stairs, landings, etc. The transport service is not authorized to raise or lower any item through the facade, nor to use pulleys or similar mechanisms. Thus, the additional expenses derived from the rental of cranes, if necessary, will be borne exclusively by the client.

In the event that the delivery cannot be made on the scheduled day due to access or passage difficulties not previously indicated by the customer or due to the latter's absence on the delivery day agreed with the carrier, OPORTUNISSIMO will re-invoice the shipping costs. . If the customer wishes to change the agreed delivery date with In the carrier, it must notify at least 72 hours in advance, to the following eMail account It will be answered with a receipt giving precise instructions on the process to follow.

Recall of old products. If the customer has contracted the service for the withdrawal of old products, the carrier will also collect the old products equivalent to those that the customer has requested in their purchase. For example, if the delivery is for a sofa bed, the carrier would remove an old sofa bed. Old products must be disassembled and ready for removal. They will never be taken to any additional address such as a second residence. This service can only be contracted during the execution of the order and, in no case, during the delivery.

The merchandise is at all times covered against risks of transport, loss and handling. In the event of a claim in relation to possible defects or signs of deterioration of the products (fault, product missing from the delivery order, damaged packaging, broken products, etc.), the customer is recommended to indicate the anomalies on the delivery note. of the carrier and notify them to the following eMail account as soon as possible, preferably within two days from the date of delivery, in order to be able to provide an agile solution. The repair and replacement will be free for the consumer and user. Said gratuity will include the necessary expenses incurred to correct the lack of conformity of the products with the contract, especially the shipping costs, as well as the costs related to labor and materials.

Except in the case of hidden defects, no claim will be accepted after receipt of the products by the customer if he has not followed the procedure detailed above.
In accordance with the provisions of article 102 of Law 3/2014, the customer has the right of withdrawal, by which they can return the product received if they verify that it does not meet their expectations, within a maximum period of 14 calendar days, counted from the day of receipt of the order. The product must be returned without having used it, without having been assembled and preferably in its original packaging. If it is not returned in the original packaging, it may suffer a depreciation of value.

The customer can exercise their right of withdrawal by communicating the return to the following eMail account It will be answered with a receipt giving precise instructions on the process to follow. You can also use the withdrawal form that can be downloaded here.

The customer must return the product within a maximum period of 14 calendar days from the date on which the customer communicates his decision to withdraw. Returns will not be accepted outside the period mentioned above. Nor will the amount of any product that has been damaged by the customer be reimbursed. Returned products whose original packaging is damaged in a way that goes beyond simple opening may suffer a depreciation of value.

In returns, the shipping costs will be refunded to the customer (except for the additional costs resulting from the choice of a delivery method other than the ordinary delivery method). The OPORTUNISSIMO transport agency will pick up the merchandise, and the customer will be responsible for the return costs, which will be deducted from the total amount to be returned. OPORTUNISIMO will proceed to make said reimbursement using the same means of payment used in the initial transaction.
For any incidence, claim or exercise of their rights, the client may send an email to the address
In accordance with the provisions of Law 23/2003, of July 10, on Guarantees for the Sale of Consumer Goods, all the items covered by this contract are, in general, guaranteed against any manufacturing defect or non-conformity with the qualities that are specified in the contract, for a period of two years counted from the date of receipt of each one of them, recognizing the client's right to repair the item that is the object of the contract, as well as to its replacement, to the reduction of the price and the termination of the contract, resulting, where appropriate, in the repair and replacement of the item free of charge for the consumer. The consumer and user must inform the seller of the lack of conformity within two months from when he became aware of it.

Deficiencies caused by negligence, blows, improper use or handling, incorrect installation not carried out by the OPORTUNISSIMO authorized technical service or materials subject to wear due to normal use are not included.

Items for sale in the Outlet section are clearance items. These items are sold at a price much lower than their usual price because they are manufacturing surpluses from the previous campaign or they have some type of tare. These items with tare - indicated on the product sheet - do not give the right to a warranty claim on the tare that justifies their special price. The client is aware of said anomaly and accepts it in exchange for an exceptionally low price. On the other hand, the client does retain the rest of the rights and obligations as if it were an OPORTUNISSIMO product.

In those incidents that justify the use of the guarantee, the repair, replacement of the item, reduction or return will be chosen, in the legally established terms. The guarantee will lose its value if any of the data on it or on the proof of purchase is modified, altered or replaced.
The client acknowledges that all the elements of the Store and of each of the products, the information and materials contained therein, the brands, the structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of its contents, and the computer programs used in relation with them, they are protected by the intellectual and industrial property rights of OPORTUNISSIMO itself or of third parties, and that the General Conditions do not attribute any other right to said industrial and intellectual property rights other than those specifically contemplated therein.

Unless authorized by OPORTUNISSIMO or, as the case may be, by third-party holders of the corresponding rights, or unless this is legally permitted, the client may not reproduce, transform, modify, disassemble, reverse engineer, distribute, rent, lend, put available, or allow access to the public through any form of public communication of any of the elements referred to in the preceding paragraph. The client must use the materials, elements and information that he accesses through the use of the Store solely for his own needs, forcing himself not to carry out, directly or indirectly, a commercial exploitation of the materials, elements and information obtained through the same.

The customer must refrain from circumventing or manipulating any technical devices established by OPORTUNISIMO or by third parties in the Store.
In compliance with Law (EU) 2016/679 of the RGPD, we inform you that the personal data of the client and other information provided through the registration form, as well as that from the transactions carried out, will be included and kept in a file for your treatment, owned by OPORTUNISIMO, as long as its cancellation is not requested. The treatment will be used for the development and execution of the sale, the personalized attention of the products and services that you acquire and the improvement of said attention, as well as the promotion of own products and services and those of third-party companies linked to OPORTUNISSIMO.

Likewise, you are informed that your data will be made available to other companies for the indicated purposes. OPORTUNISSIMO will treat this data with the utmost confidentiality, being the sole and exclusive recipient thereof, and not making assignments or communications to third parties outside of those indicated by current regulations.
OPORTUNISSIMO will facilitate the use of personal passwords to the client who registers as such on the website. These passwords will be used to access the services provided through the Website. The client must keep the passwords under their exclusive responsibility in the strictest and absolute confidentiality, assuming, therefore, any damages or consequences of any kind derived from the breach or disclosure of the secret. For security reasons, the password for telematic access to the services linked to the Website may be modified at any time by the client. The client undertakes to notify OPORTUNISSIMO immediately of any unauthorized use of their password, as well as access by unauthorized third parties to it.
These general conditions are governed by Spanish law. The parties submit, at their option, for the resolution of conflicts and waiving any other jurisdiction, to the courts and tribunals of the user's domicile.
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