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Oportunissimo is a concept of furniture store where good price prevails over presentation and attractiveness so that our clients do not have to pay more when buying their furniture.

Our good prices are the product of negotiations with the main manufacturers and distributors of home furnishings to get their sales and manufacturing surpluses at very competitive prices. If we add our low expenses to this, let Oportunísimo offer the low prices that differentiate us. But beware, low prices do not mean poor quality products. At Oportunissimo we have, without a doubt, the products with the best value for money on the market for furniture today.

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Why should I buy in Oportuníssimo stores?

The Oportuníssimo concept brings dynamism to the furniture market in three aspects: design and innovation in products for the home, a price accompanied by a fast and efficient service and authentic opportunities in our stores.
Why are our prices so cheap?
We eliminate any superfluous cost in the elaboration and commercialization of our products without diminishing their quality. Updated designs and functionality are seasoned with inventiveness and professionalism. Each product is displayed in the store for the customer to try and appreciate the technical details trying to meet their expectations. In any case, we intend to help create comfortable homes. Our volume of purchases allows us to group and stock product as well as to lower our supply channels.
Does Oportuníssimo sell to large surfaces-facilities?
At Oportuníssimo we not only sell to the final public, we carry out Contract projects for professional fields in any population of our national territory. Our clients also include Hotels, Hostels, Real Estate, Restaurants, Bars, Offices and Offices ... If we have these prices for the final public, can you imagine the prices if you buy from us in quantities? You don't lose anything, ask us for budgets and SURPRISE yourself!
Are all the products online in Oportuníssimo stores?
Yes, the vast majority of the products published on our website are available in all our stores.
Can I reserve an item?
Yes, you can book by phone or by contacting us by email. We will confirm the existence of stock of said product.
Do the products have a guarantee?
All the items offered by Oportunissimo have passed the most demanding quality controls and comply with current regulations in this regard. The Oportunissimo brand endorses the selection and full guarantee of these products.
Where is the nearest Oportunissimo store?
You can find your nearest Oportuníssimo store in the Our stores tab.
Is VAT included in the price of the products?
Yes, all our products have all taxes included.
What types of payments are accepted?
You can make your purchases by bank card, either credit or debit. You can also finance your purchase up to 12 MONTHS without interest.
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